TerraSoft surfaces are today’s leading-edge pour-in-place rubber safety surface materials. Terrasoft is the ideal permanent ground cover for a wide variety of applications, providing a major advantage over traditional, loose ground covering in Oklahoma. We incorporate only the highest quality materials in manufacturing to ensure long-lasting performance under the toughest conditions. Plus, our experienced technicians ensure expert installation from start to finish, so you can count on your TerraSoft Surface to perform over time.

TerraSoft Safety Surfaces is an Oklahoma division of Shaw Industries, the world’s largest carpet producer. Shaw is a wholly- owned subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Inc., a leading Fortune 500 Company. You can rely on TerraSoft for professional expertise and you can trust that we will be here to honor our product warranties and our professional commitment to you.

TerraSoft ® is available in a diverse selection of attractive, natural looking color combinations and custom designs for Tulsa applications. Colors can be mixed and matched to create unique and inviting environments for children’s play. The product’s ability to be molded into various shapes enables endless creative possibilities. Just provide our experienced staff with finished art and watch us bring your ideas to life – the possibilities are as limitless as your imagination!


The beauty of our resilient rubber lies in its safety. TerraSoft minimizes the risk of head injuries caused by accidental impact. Our surfaces are solid and seamless providing a clean and sanitary surface that helps to reduce the risk of eye injuries, cuts and splinters associated with ordinary loose surface materials.


Manufactured in compliance with the latest ASTM standards of F1292 and CPSC guidelines, meeting critical height requirements to deliver maximum performance with minimum liability.


It’s easy to keep our products clean and our surfaces prevent any need to level or replenish “ditches” at the end of slides or swings.


With TerraSoft surfaces you enjoy the added assurance of a multi-year factory warranty backed by Shaw Industries and Berkshire Hathaway Inc.


TerraSoft is freeze and thaw resistant providing you with a consistent resiliency that will not decompose or erode in Tulsa’s sometimes harsh environment. Plus, the synthetic resilient surface is even designed to prevent puddles from forming.