Sports Turf

Artificial Sports Turf

Durable Artificial Sports Turf For Fields & Athletic Facilities In Tulsa, OK.


Southwest Greens Oklahoma’s sports field turf offers sports facilities of all kinds the opportunity to install synthetic turf that is at once real in look and feel, durable enough to take the pounding of harsh weather and heavy use, and cost efficient in terms of the fact that it requires little to no maintenance. We are proud to count a growing number of Tulsa schools and athletic facilities among our commercial landscaping clients, and are excited at the opportunity to outfit their sports fields with our state-of-the-art artificial grass. This isn’t your normal artificial turf. This is field turf of the highest order, offering athletes a professional quality surface in which to run, cut and pursue their athletic endeavors safely and to the best of their abilities.

Our synthetic landscape grass offers an affordable, high performance alternative to natural grass. Already Southwest Greens Oklahoma’s artificial turf has proven to be a perfect fit for:

  • Football field turf
  • Soccer field turf
  • Multi-purpose athletic fields
  • Baseball field turf
  • Bocce ball
  • Batting cages
  • Tennis courts
  • And more

The cost efficiency of our sports turf must also be discussed.

  • Our landscape turf requires no watering, mowing or fertilizing
  • Save greatly on water bills
  • Save on costs associated with field maintenance and upkeep

Sports fields should offer grass surfaces that are safe for athletes and promote optimum performance. At Southwest Greens Tulsa, we have put a great deal into developing artificial grass for use as sports field turf, and the results speak for themselves. If you are in charge of selecting the field for a school or sports facility, consider the synthetic turf that is proving to be the perfect choice for various fields of play by choosing Southwest Greens.